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QuarkChain aırdrop Round 2

A second program was launched after the first Airdrop won the prizes. The quest will be done in this new Airdrop, which will be distributed twice as much as the first.

1 – Register from this address.

2 – Every day to visit Airdrop page. This is not compulsory, but you are given prizes every day.

3 – Download qPocket. and write the code with the instructions given.

4 – Follow the 2 Twitter accounts on Airdrop page. Like a maximum of 2 ReTweet per day, and Tweet to throw. In doing so, surely follow the instructions given.

For example, for Retweet @Quark_Chain, you must: @Quark_Chain tagging, and add hashtags including #QKC and any one of them (#Blockchain #BTC #ETH #blockchaintechnology #sharding)