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Bittwatt Energy for the 21st century

Bittwatt is a matchmaking platform that connects all market players (from DSOs to consumers) and provides a standardized blockchain protocol for sharing relevant business information, all the while creating a decentralized service for energy supply, billing and balancing. Continue reading Bittwatt Energy for the 21st century

14 New Airdrops.

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1 . Pharmz (10 Pharmz):join here.

2. AOT (168 AOT Up to 3333): join here.

3. PHNX (300 PHNX): join here.

4. SOHU (68 SOHU): join here.

5. CST (168 CST): join here.

6. Cryptrivia(25): join here.

6. BOE TOKEN(18 BOE) : join here.

7. ETU (8888): join here.

8. GET TOKEN (18 GET): join here.

9. Red Pocet Coin (40 RPC): join here.

10. GENE TOKEN (20 GENE): join here.

11. CellBlocks tokens ( 10 CLBK ):join here.

12. Lucky (66): join here.

13. AAT (88 AAT): join here.

14. DAC (40): join here.

15. Signals (Bounty) : join here.